Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Weight Loss Journey

About Me!!

Recently my husband and I decided to start getting into shape. We both need to loose quite a bit of weight. I'm not sure what his motive is but I know for myself a big motivator is our daughter. I've tried losing weight before and it worked but I gained it back. This time the plan is to lose it and keep it off. I want my daughter to grow up being healthy and excited to be active.
This is shortly after my c-section...i'm quite swollen!

Let’s see a bit about me: I am a stay at home mom as I have a newborn, I am 20 years old and have been fat my whole life. The highest I’ve weighed was 305 lbs while I was pregnant with my daughter. 7 weeks postpartum and my current weight is 284.6 lbs. My goal is to be down to 150lbs. Over the past few years I’ve yo-yoed back and forth. In 2010 I was 210lbs but gained the 40lbs I lost plus more.

My goal on here is to help encourage others and to have others encourage me.  It is always easier to accomplish your goals when you have others cheering you on.  I am using to help me reach my goal as well as daily walks (when the weather is nice enough for my newborn) and yoga. I’d love to see your transformations and recipes! We can do this!!

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