Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Cost Of Eating Healthy

Has anyone else noticed that it is a lot more expensive to be healthy then it is to be fat? It seems like if you wanna eat healthy and work out its gonna put a huge dent in your wallet! I know its worth it and everything but wow I've had to come up with ways of saving money when we go grocery shopping. Our bill when we would by mostly buy crap food was about $150 a month for my husband and I. I'm guessing this next time when we go and buy healthy food our bill is probably gonna double. Then again we will be replacing about 90% of our food. Being a stay at home mom with my husband being the only one working I've been trying to think of ways we can make our healthy purchases more feasible...yes I know most of you would say coupons..well where I'm from you can do some coupon clipping but you can't save as much as those extreme couponers in the states. I did clip a few for house hold items such as laundry detergent and toilet paper but we don't have coupons for fresh fruits and vegetables or meats.  One trick i came across online was to buy things that are about to expire. You might think ew that's gross but in reality they discount things that are about to expire but are actually still good. For example when you go grocery shopping go closer to closing time so you can get the things such as rotisserie chicken cheaper because they are just trying to get rid of it because they just going to throw it out at the end of the day anyways. Buying day old bread is also a money saving trick as they can be frozen and used later.

Gym memberships are also expensive that's why my husband have been using It's a free weight loss program. It has a few programs with meal plans to follow. Right now we are following Hasfit's Free 30 Day Low Impact Beginner Workout Program and meal plan. It seems to be working great. So far my husband has lost 4lbs and 8.5 inches and I haven't lost any weight yet but have lost a total of 10 inches. Every Monday we do our weigh ins and track our inches lost. It's a great program to follow and best of all its free!

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