Friday, April 26, 2013

Healthy Recipes...

So I realize I didn't post yesterday..I would've liked to but the little one was being grouchy and a bit of a mommy suck. I did however get a walk in. She slept the whole time and that's the plan again today as long as the weathers nice. We don't really have spring here yet even though its almost May.

These days my biggest hurdle has been cooking. I have no idea what to make to go along with our workouts. I have a general idea about it such as switching to whole wheat breads and grains and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables (clean eating) and getting our protein in. My problem is making actually meals. My husband is a picky eater and doesn't like cooked vegetables, let alone 'fancy' vegetables like squash. I've looked online for recipes but a lot of them contain those 'fancy' vegetables or things I've never heard before and i know my husband won't eat. The only way i am able to feed him cooked vegetables is in stews and soups or hiding them. Hopefully my daughter likes her vegetables when the time comes.

Lately a big staple in our lifestyle has been eggs (i don't wanna call it a diet because its not something that we are gonna do for awhile then give up, its gonna be for the rest of our lives). I know they're high in protein and inexpensive so we've been eating a lot of them. Usually its what we eat for breakfast and sometimes we fit it into our supper as well. The thing with eggs though is you can on;y eat so many before you get sick of them. Yes you can scramble them or fry them or boil them but that's about it. i don't know how to make them more appealing. any ideas?

Ive started looking at recipes online so that i can try to plan our meals a week in advance so I'm not sitting there everyday trying to figure out what to make for supper because we all know that moment when we are thinking about what to make we think "hey, we could just order pizza or get fast food", we don't want this to happen. That's one slippy slope and i don't know about you but I'm not ready to head back down that road. I'm working hard and seeing results so why break down now. So a lot of the recipes I've looked at online so far seem to good to be real. iI kind of have it in my head that if it tastes really good its probably bad for you. I know I'm probably wrong but it just seems to easy. Do you guys have any favorite recipes that you eat at hope as part of your healthy lifestyle?

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